Alterations ♥

Alterations to your dress

• Alterations fittings with our in-house seamstress, for dresses purchased from Adore, are available on Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays between 10am and 5pm. (It is important to note before you choose to purchase your dress from Adore, that we do not offer alterations fittings on Saturdays or Sundays, as we sincerely wish to avoid any disappointment at a later date.)

• Alterations fittings can be booked well in advance, at the time you place your order if necessary, so that you have plenty of time to make arrangements to fit in with work or holidays.

• As a guide, we recommend that you allow at least 6-8 weeks before the wedding/occasion date for your first fitting. This then leaves plenty of time for the dressmaker to carry out the work, and for you to come in for second and possibly third fittings.

• The number of fittings varies from bride to bride. Generally a bride will come for a first fitting, and then a second time to try on the dress after it has been altered, with a view to possibly collecting it that day. Sometimes a bride will need to come a third time, if there is quite a lot of work needed, so it is important that you are able to plan ahead for these dates.

• Please bring the shoes and underwear that you will be wearing on your occasion to every fitting.

• Alterations are chargeable, and the amount you pay will vary according to how much work is needed. If it is only a small amount of work, the cost will be minimal. We can advise you at the time that you purchase your dress how much the alterations will roughly cost, so that you can factor in the charges to your overall dress budget. However, you are under no obligation to have you alterations carried out with us and are welcome to seek alternative quotes.

Best wishes
The Adore team ♥